The past couple of months have been flying by! I got a promotion at the very beginning of March, so I’ve been really busy lately. Here are 10 things I’ve been enjoying this spring–

1. Roses. They were never really my favorite scent, but the romance of spring has me loving the scent lately. I have reviews of some rose-scented products coming up soon!

2. Sea Salt Caramels. Possibly the most delicious candy ever invented. Just one is enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

3. Running outside. I’ve always preferred the gym, but for a month and a half, ever since I started my new job, I’ve felt like I needed to exercise in nature as a form of stress relief. It’s wonderful to see the subtle changes in the season happening from day to day.

4. Cute workout clothes. I’m telling you, if you think you don’t like working out, go to a sporting goods store and try on some colorful tops and sexy black workout pants. It makes all the difference! I splurged and got some Nike cropped running pants, colorful Under Armour tops, a “fit book” to record my workouts, and a lightweight water bottle to bring with me on runs.

5. Greyhounds. My local pet supply store has a weekly Adopt a Greyhound event, and the dogs are so sweet and gentle. If I didn’t work full time, I’d adopt one in a heartbeat. Can I quit my job and be a greyhound mother instead?

6. Gardening. I’m excited to get my patio ready for spring with a container herb garden, hanging flower baskets, a hummingbird feeder, the grill, and new patio furniture. So much to look forward to!

7. Spirit Beauty Can’t get enough of this website and all of the lovely products it has to offer. Over the past year, it has become my go-to source for natural and organic beauty products. Well, there and the Whole Foods apothecary section.

8. Tom’s shoes. I love the concept that when you buy one pair, another is donated to a person in need. These shoes are seriously the most comfortable thing my feet have ever experienced. I find that for a casual office, they are appropriate if you wear them with a pulled-together outfit.

9. Breakfast/brunch. It’s my favorite meal of the day, especially on weekends. Love coffee and whatever breakfast foods I feel like making. One of my favorites are blueberry pancakes, or eggs and spelt toast with fruit salad. There is something wonderful about having a leisurely breakfast in the sunshine on a Saturday.

10. Nutrition. Along with establishing a regular fitness routine, I’ve been paying close attention to balanced meals. It’s been helping lower stress to eat healthy foods that provide energy and nutrients. I’ve also been staying away from coffee (only allowed once a week) and instead enjoying green tea.