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The Geranium and Thistle Moisturizer is the first Pai product I’ve tried. I first received a deluxe sample of it with an online order, and ended up really liking it so I ordered a full size from Nubo Nau. It is meant for combination to oily skin.  In the winter, my skin is dry in spots, yet acne prone and sensitive.

At first, I was skeptical about this moisturizer because it contains a lot of oils, and that seemed counter-productive for oily skin. However, I’ve heard from an aesthetician that geranium oil is good for acne so I decided to give it a try. Check out the ingredient list: purified water, jojoba oil*, coconut and corn derived emulsifier, thistle oil*, borage oil*, natural vitamin e, vegetable glycerine*, corn extract, manuka oil, basil extract, geranium oil*, juniper oil*, lavender oil*, natural lactic acid from sugar beet (*organic)

The moisturizer is surprisingly thick, and a little goes a long way. Most lotions I’ve used for oily skin are more lightweight. The creaminess of this product is so soothing and moisturizing for my dry winter skin, yet it doesn’t cause acne. So it’s perfect for my finicky skin. In the heat of the summer, I may have to switch to something lighter, but for most of the year, it’s a perfect match for me.

I love that the ingredients are natural and organic, so I can feel good about putting it on my skin. It smells like geranium and herbs, strong at first, but it quickly fades. Another great aspect is the glass bottle and simple packaging. It’s sturdy yet elegant, and the best part of the bottle is that the pump easily shifts back and forth to lock. Ideal for traveling! Plus, the pump makes it hygienic opposed to other moisturizers where you have to stick your fingers into a container. Unlike other pumps, it’s easy to control how much product you get, as not to waste any.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this moisturizer, and I plan to try more Pai products such as the eye cream and lip balm.

someone kept getting in the way (intrigued by the flowers)!