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I moved into a condo in October that has a big brick fireplace in the living room. It’s the focal point of the room, so I wanted to decorate it nicely, even though I have a small budget.


after! still a work in progress though.

What I used:

– Aloe plant and ceramic pot at local garden store ($15)

– Family photos in silver frames that I found packed away ($0)

– Leaf candle stand from thrift store, a gift from a friend ($0) and cream candles from Target ($6)

– Stone frog prince ($14 from Home Goods). He might end up in my garden in the spring. I want to add a fern or some other type of lush plant on the right side of the fireplace opposite the frog, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

– “Winter’s Night” candle from Slatkin and Co., a holiday gift from family ($0). When I finish burning it it, I will buy a non-toxic soy wax candle.

– Framed watercolor painting ($0) of Maine marsh with seagulls and boat that a friend got for me at Goodwill. I plan to replace the framed watercolor with something else more contemporary later when I can afford to buy some artwork.

– Yellow roses and baby’s breath from my boyfriend ($0) in a old-fashioned milk-jug style vase that I got at Goodwill ($1).

Thanks to thrift/vintage stores and little gifts from friends and family, this humble little project cost only $36.