Please bear with me while I figure out the design and layout of my blog. I have been blogging since 2008, and I have had two blogs in the past, Organic Joy (green lifestyle blog) and VioletMoss (makeup blog). Both of them had very specific themes, so I found myself feeling a little confined by them, and I ended up quitting in 2011 when I got too busy to keep up with regular posting. Since then, I’ve been itching to share so many ideas with the blogging community, and started craving a creative outlet again.

I chose to name my blog rusticity because I have always been enamored with the richness of rustic life. I grew up on an island in Maine, so the country mouse in me has always daydreamed about woodlands, the ocean, farms, etc.  Living in cities including Boston, London, Florence, and Denver has made me appreciate nature even more, and I was always excited to visit home in the country. I have since settled in a New England town where I feel right at home.  Finally, I have a “big girl” house where I can decorate, garden, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.